Welcome to my site!  I should write here what you will find on mykonos.fun, but… But this is not possible.  Because I do not know.  I do not know what will happen everyday.  Life is unpredictable and more unpredictable is this island.  So just stick or check back every now and then to see for yourself how I capture the magic moments of this island.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Oh yes, we have everything here…

The Useful

Mykonos parking

It is a dirty job and somebody has to do it. Have you tried to google Mykonos parking? Do you find anything? No. Sad, right? Why? Because there are not that many spots anyway, so you find as many sites as free spots to park at Mykonos town.  So I come to save the day. […]

Afternoon is the new night

So I am flying back from Athens.  I always take an aisle seat.  Don’t ask me why.  This is for another time.  The middle seat is empty.  What a blessing, right?  I am looking forward to the “Boarding completed” by the hostess to leave my book on that middle seat and secure the left armrest […]

Mykonos beach prices

Ok so finally you arrive in Mykonos. No. Erase that.  Finally you arrive at the beach.  And although you have read a lot about the Mykonos beach prices, you feel you are on your own in terms of what you will pay for a pair of sunbeds and an umbrella.  Do not worry.  You are […]

Peaceful Mykonos beach

There is a peaceful Mykonos beach just for you.  Not just one, but many.  Yes in Mykonos.  If you are looking for a party, then check this link.  But if you are looking to chill, alone, in silence, then the below are your destinations. Take with you some water, some food, a towel, maybe an […]



The Funny

Mykonos VIP celebrities

So the post with the Mykonos VIP celebrities for 2017 (see here), which got over 1000 likes, got some not so enthusiastic comments. “Who are these no names?” OK you want bigger stars. Bigger Mykonos VIP celebrities. I heard your feedback, I did my research and there you have some more. Hopefully you know these. […]

Mykonos Quiz

Mykonos is popular.  Right?  Everybody’s talking about it.  Maybe too much.  You are almost fed up with all the buzz about it.  But do you really know that much?  Or even the basics (see here some already)?  Take the Mykonos quiz and judge for yourself if you know enough, if you have been paying attention […]

Mykonos Celebrities 2017

We are half way through this summer and already plenty Mykonos celebrities to count for.   I would not invade their privacy myself, nor steal anybody’s work.  This is what they published themselves.  So we are sure they like their photos.  So here they are the Mykonos celebrities of 2017 with photos and videos from […]

The Basics

Mykonos work force

They’re young. They are beautiful. They are polite. They are smiling. All the time. They are professional. They are envied. They are the least talked in town. They are everywhere but they are the least photographed. If they go to the beach, it is before you, early in the day, because later on they have […]

Mykonos Useful Numbers

The below are some Mykonos useful numbers, in case you get in trouble.  Not in a good way.  The most useful number is mine since I know all the right people and solutions, but this you have to earn it. 😉  All below Mykonos useful numbers are made exactly that; useful, therefore clickable to call […]

Voted best in the world

Eleni tells me that Mykonos does a weird thing to me. She says that I am not good with numbers. I am good with words she says. Why, Eleni? Did I ever mess up dividing a bill? Still she says that me not good with numbers, with only one exception: when it comes to proudly […]

My first post

I am Mykonos!  This is a very bold statement, right?  Still I stand behind it.  Let me introduce myself and you will understand.  I game you a name already.  Let’s stick to that for the moment.  The real one will be revealed in due time.  For the ones that do not know.  Because many of […]