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Mykonos parking

It is a dirty job and somebody has to do it. Have you tried to google Mykonos parking? Do you find anything? No. Sad, right? Why? Because there are not that many spots anyway, so you find as many sites as free spots to park at Mykonos town.  So I come to save the day. […]

Mykonos beach prices

Ok so finally you arrive in Mykonos. No. Erase that.  Finally you arrive at the beach.  And although you have read a lot about the Mykonos beach prices, you feel you are on your own in terms of what you will pay for a pair of sunbeds and an umbrella.  Do not worry.  You are […]

Peaceful Mykonos beach

There is a peaceful Mykonos beach just for you.  Not just one, but many.  Yes in Mykonos.  If you are looking for a party, then check this link.  But if you are looking to chill, alone, in silence, then the below are your destinations. Take with you some water, some food, a towel, maybe an […]