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Mykonos VIP celebrities

So the post with the Mykonos VIP celebrities for 2017 (see here), which got over 1000 likes, got some not so enthusiastic comments. “Who are these no names?” OK you want bigger stars. Bigger Mykonos VIP celebrities. I heard your feedback, I did my research and there you have some more. Hopefully you know these. […]

Mykonos Quiz

Mykonos is popular.  Right?  Everybody’s talking about it.  Maybe too much.  You are almost fed up with all the buzz about it.  But do you really know that much?  Or even the basics (see here some already)?  Take the Mykonos quiz and judge for yourself if you know enough, if you have been paying attention […]

Mykonos Celebrities 2017

We are half way through this summer and already plenty Mykonos celebrities to count for.   I would not invade their privacy myself, nor steal anybody’s work.  This is what they published themselves.  So we are sure they like their photos.  So here they are the Mykonos celebrities of 2017 with photos and videos from […]

Mykonos what not-to-do List

Mykonos what to do and what not to do lists should be short. Mykonos is all about being free. Doing your thing. Living your dream. Your way. Even in socks and sandals. We do not mind, really. Still there is a limit. There is a handful of things you should not be doing around here. […]