The Basic Stuff

Mykonos work force

They’re young. They are beautiful. They are polite. They are smiling. All the time. They are professional. They are envied. They are the least talked in town. They are everywhere but they are the least photographed. If they go to the beach, it is before you, early in the day, because later on they have […]

Mykonos Useful Numbers

The below are some Mykonos useful numbers, in case you get in trouble.  Not in a good way.  The most useful number is mine since I know all the right people and solutions, but this you have to earn it. 😉  All below Mykonos useful numbers are made exactly that; useful, therefore clickable to call […]

Voted best in the world

Eleni tells me that Mykonos does a weird thing to me. She says that I am not good with numbers. I am good with words she says. Why, Eleni? Did I ever mess up dividing a bill? Still she says that me not good with numbers, with only one exception: when it comes to proudly […]

The basics

Mary said last night that she wants to here.  Not for the summer. Not for a year.  Forever.  Right.  Like I haven’t heard that before.  1 out of 3 who visit the island for the first time make this exact statement: “Oh I love it here.  I could actually live here forever.  Maybe I should […]