Ibiza Mykonos: the battle

You have seen the t-shirt that says Mykonos f*** Ibiza, right? Well, this is something I would never wear, nor endorse. Islands do not have to engage into such activities. Everyone else, sure! Ibiza Mykonos, they have some similarities, but also are unique in their own way. So I interviewed people who have been in both this summer and this is what they thought.  I added a point system to make it a bit spicy. Plus a bit of bias because let’s face it, I love these grounds more.  Ibiza, Mykonos, are you ready?

ibiza mykonosHotels
Ibiza-Mykonos: 0-1
Even by just browsing booking.com, one can see that Mykonos has a lot more rooms and specifically a lot more luxurious offerings. More modern, more design, more facilities, more views, etc.

Ibiza-Mykonos: 1-0
The roads of Ibiza are much bigger and by far a lot safer!!! While this is super important, I do have a small reservation about having highways on a little island, I feel it takes away a bit of the island feel (that huge IKEA on your way to Ibiza town does not feel very exotic). But still the point goes to Ibiza!

ibiza mykonosCelebrities
Ibiza-Mykonos: 1-1
The tie is due to the fact that most celebrities do both on the same trip. Just take a look at their Instagram account (see here). LOL.

Old Town
Ibiza-Mykonos: 0-1
Ibiza’s old town is definitely beautiful, but I find it limited. The white picturesque part is just one street, while Mykonos has this architecture throughout the town, without the residential, modern, rather ugly part of Ibiza.

ibiza mykonosTransportation:
Ibiza Mykonos: 1-1
Both islands have a good bus network, with Ibiza winning more points because of the disco bus! Mykonos has a remarkable bus offering, to everywhere and very often, for such a small island. Mykonos almost lost its point because it has only 30 taxis!!! For real?!?!?!

Ibiza-Mykonos: 1-0
Don’t get me wrong. Mykonos nightlife is amazing and my kind of fun. I have to admit though that the clubbing scene of Ibiza is the top. People travel from all over the world just to attend one if its events, plus their facilities are legendary.

ibiza mykonosShopping
Ibiza-Mykonos: 0-1
the battle was hard, but Mykonos took it home. With stores that you do not find anywhere else in Europe, with exciting pop stores, with dozens of high jewelry stores, with numerous galleries, etc, Mykonos makes a better job in getting your wallet out of pocket and opening it again and again. Not always a good thing and an even worse thing is the entire Chora becomes a shopping mall. Just to be fair…

Ibiza Mykonos: 0-1
While the actual beaches are beautiful on both island, Mykonos will grab the point thanx to Scorpios, Nammos, Santanna, Alemagou and the rest, which create a holistic beach experience, one of a kind.

ibiza mykonosPrices
Ibiza-Mykonos: 0-0
No points to any of the two. Are you kidding me? With these prices? No points!!! Period!

Ibiza-Mykonos: 0-1
I’ll be brutal here. If all Ibiza has to offer for watching the sunset is Café del mar, meaning that row of cheap cafeterias one next to the other with loud music that blends into a headache, then the Spanish island has to start watching videos on youtube of Scorpio, Little Venice, Nammos, Elysium, Hippie Fish and so many other spots all over Mykonos.

Ibiza-Mykonos: 1-0
While Mykonos is a summer paradise, Ibiza is a fun destination throughout the year, mainly for the all-year round happening club scene.

ibiza mykonosSo overall Mykonos wins over Ibiza (5-7), but this is almost useless. Because it all depends what you are looking for. Any single one of the above might be so important for you, that you ignore any shortcomings of either island. Plus I am biased. I tried to be fair, but I talked to people who were in Mykonos at that point.  There was some emotional pressure or momentum, right? Finally you are here to help me, right? So tell me your experiences wherever you found this posted. Love you all!!!