Mykonos cocktails

Summer is all about cocktails.  Mykonos cocktails.  Cocktails of experiences, moments, memories, people, places, tastes.  But also actual cocktails, as in alcoholic beverages.  So I am giving you the signature cocktails for each one of the legendary spots of the most legendary island in the world.  Mykonos cocktails for all of you at the island right now.  Mykonos cocktails for all of you back from the island to take Mykonos with you.  Mykonos cocktails for all of you who want to take a taste of Mykonos wherever you are. 🙂  To note: I focus the visual support to the special people who either prepared the cocktails or who got me to try them.  I love you all.

Captain Drake by Remezzo.
Named after the Sir Francis Drake, a privateer in the Carribeans, it is rum based with ginger, grapefruit, lime and FLAMES!

Espresso Martini by Skandinavian bar.
As strong and effective as a freddo espresso and more than a martini.

Carribean Passion by Caprice.
One of those tasty cocktails, fresh and fruity, that you do not taste the alcohol, but trust me it is there and it works!

Hippie Fish mojito by Hippie Fish.
Mojito is one of the most difficults cocktails for me.  It is a hit or miss most of the time.  This one was creative and just right on everything, rum, sugar, mint and passion fruit.

Emelin’s Smile by Santanna.
OK this is not for everybody.  It is for the few, the chosen, brave ones.  Spicy in its core that is finally balanced by the chocolate on the rim of the glass.  An experience in a glass.

Angel touch by Buddha bar.
As intriguing and stunning as the view of Buddha bar at Santa Marina. Gin, cucumber, pepper, ginger and more.  I remember I love it every time.

Lemon Crispy by Pasaji.
Exactly what it promises and more.  The gin as crispy as it gets and the lemon as chilled as you need on a hot day.

7 sins by Skorpios.
The most popular cocktail of this summer for the island everywhere.  Most likely you already had a couple (or a dozen) left and right.

Lemon Pie Cocktail by Kouros Hotel
DELICIOUS!!!  It brings to mind your trip to Florida Keys, the tastes, the breeze, the wet views of the south.  Vodka, butterscotch, vanilla, lime.  Not very sweet, but very rich.

Red Anthem by Baos.
Strawberries, berries and exotic fruits turn my favorite vodka into your best accomplice for a summer night.

Porn Star Martini by Alemagou.
The famous cocktail that you are shy to order (why?) with a spin.  The best seller of this atmospheric hangout.