Mykonos parking

It is a dirty job and somebody has to do it. Have you tried to google Mykonos parking? Do you find anything? No. Sad, right? Why? Because there are not that many spots anyway, so you find as many sites as free spots to park at Mykonos town.  So I come to save the day.  Here is where I park.  I am actually giving you all the Mykonos parking spaces, even if a couple of them are not my favorite.  I will tell you which ones.  Do not worry about the names.  Most of them do not have any real name (branding and marketing is not their main concern, since they have lots of business). Let’s get to the point now, as always.

AROUND TOWN (see map)
mykonos parking


1. FABRIKA’s Parking
As you come from Ornos, right before you reach the little road that leads to the bus station (Fabrika), it is on your left, behind the National Bank of Greece. Polikseni and Dimitris are the kindest people, they will host you with a smile if you smile too of course. The rate is 5Euro during the day and 10Euro at night.mykonos parking

2. APOLLON Parking
Same location across the street. Meaning across the street from Fabrika’s parking, as you come from Ornos on your right. Same prices. 5Euro during the day and 10Euro during the night.mykonos parking

3. PEGASUS Parking
Right next to Apollon Parking. Copy paste. Same location, same prices.mykonos parking

6. ANEMOS Parking
You continue straight as you are coming fr4om Ornos, right after the crossroad of the peripheral road with the road that leads to the buses, just before Belvedere Hotel. Same prices. 5Euro during the day and 10Euro at night.mykonos parking

5. NO NAME Parking
It is not my fault that it doesn’t have a name, OK? Anyway this is where it is. As you come from Ornos, you pass the Fabrika crossroad and you turn right up the hill. There is a little paying parking lot just across the street from Little Rochari Hotel.mykonos parking

7. XENIAS Parking
Close to the Windmills Public parking, there is a paying one, on Xenia’s street. You know how to get there by now, right?mykonos parking

As you leave town, after the Post Office and across the street from the Archeological Museum of Mykonos there is delos Rent-a-car parking lot. 5Euro all day long.mykonos parking


8. WINDMILLS Public Parking
This is up to 7pm every day. It is free, crowded and if you get a spot here, then buy a lottery ticket too. This is your lucky day.mykonos parking

10. OLD PORT Public Parking
This is the most obvious spacious parking space. This is where the municipality wants you to park. It serves not all parking needs. Don’t let me say it. You know… Parking with benefits, like friends with benefits.mykonos parking

4. FREE Uphill Parking
As you come from Ornos, you turn right at the crossroad, like heading to the airport. A few meters up the hill, close to Dimele Hotel there is an area where you can park, at your own responsibility. Not recommended, but it might work for you depending on how desperate you are. If you break your car, don’t come after me.mykonos parking


Things get much easier when you leave town and you got the beaches. You can find some free spots on the road, but away from the spot where you will spend the day. And pls do not block the road or trespass any private properties. All beach bars and restaurants have parking facilities at a cost. Some are fixed, some rely on your generosity, meaning what you will tip them. But I am telling you this. They remember. Specially the bad tippers. So think of your next time as you put your hand in your pocket…  Overall have ready a 10Euro in hand.

I have also prepared a list of Mykonos town hotels with FREE parking.  Almost a handful, not that many.  Check them here.