Peaceful Mykonos beach

There is a peaceful Mykonos beach just for you.  Not just one, but many.  Yes in Mykonos.  If you are looking for a party, then check this link.  But if you are looking to chill, alone, in silence, then the below are your destinations. Take with you some water, some food, a towel, maybe an umbrella and definitely a good book and your music. If you have already found the one (for life or just for the day), then just focus on him/her and the sound of the water. Life is beautiful on any Mykonos beach.

Everything below is a link to Google maps and how to get there that specific Mykonos beach.

mykonos beaches

1. Loulos Beach

loulos beach mykonos
Beautiful, wild, but easy to get there. Next to Kalo Livadi.  I love the smells of all the wild herbs around.  Stop, look around, close your eyes, breath, remember.  This peaceful Mykonos beach is a real treat!

2. Frangias Beach

fragkias beach mykonos
One of the most beautiful, but also the farthest.  Very susceptible to winds.  No taverna here.  Sea, sun, water and you.  Just that.  And some winds quite often.

3. Kato Tigani

kato tigani mykonos
Another unreal peaceful Mykonos beach.  Tigani in greek means pan, like a frying pan.  It has that shape, take a look.  There are several small gulfs for you to enjoy, depending on the weather.

4. Vathia Lagada Beach

vathia lagada mykonos
Like Tigani, Vathia Lagada are on the side of the mines.  Tough to get there.  You need to be careful and you definitely need tennis shoes.  But no matter the pain, once you get there, you will be amazed.  Turst me, it’s worth it!

5. Merchia Beach

merchia beach mykonos
Easy to get there.  Crystal clear waters, rather deep.  You might get some shade spots here.  I love that.  I need that.

6. Fokos Beach

fokos beach mykonos
Easy to get there.  After Ano Mera, the road is rough for abour 10 minutes or so.  But it is an interesting ride, since you have the unique Mykonos dam on your way.  Some horse riding views are a pleasant bonus.  The beach is very picturesque and that’s why is the home of the most popular Greek singer (Antonis Remos).   There is a little taverna with great fish and super fresh salads.

7. Mirsini Beach

mirsini beach mykonos
Right after Fokos, it is even more secluded.  There is nothing there.  You have to be a tad more organized for this one in order not to dehydrate completely. 😉

8. Agios Sostis

agios sostis mykonos
It’s unexploited, wild and big.  Yes, quite long, unlike the rest.  I like the contrast of the colors here.  They are bold and honest, like the beach itself.  Like you.  The free spirits!  Stop at Kiki’s tavern on your way back, it completes the experience with her unpretentious cuisine.

9. Houlakia Beach

houlakia beach mykonos
Houlakia means big pebbles in greek.  This is what you will find there.  Or what’s left of them.  many like you have taken them home for decoration.  Nice, right?  Apparently now it is illegal to remove them from the beach and we will fine you if we find any houlakia in your beach bag.  Not my favorite place to lay down, still a favorite for the ones who want something different than sand.

10. Kapari Beach

kapari peaceful mykonos beach

This peaceful Mykonos beach is on the west side of the island.  The name refers to capari plants.  However I have not seen any.  Park on top and then walk down slowly through the stairs that your own steps have created by now.  Bring water, food, …love.  There is nothing.  Maybe only love, from God for this little paradise on earth. Bonus the sunset with the Delos view.

11. Glyfadi

glyfadi beach mykonos
I like this one.  It has hosted me at days of heavy winds and also during very busy days.  Only the hotels in the neighborhood know about it and they do their best to keep it special and quiet.

12. Rineia

rineia beach
See below.

13. Tragonisi

tragonisi peaceful mykonos beach
For both Rineia and Tragonisi, you need a yacht, a boat, jet ski, something.  If you do not own any of the above, then look for excursions organized by locals.  They take you there for a few hours to swim, have lunch and back.  there is nothing there.  You need to bring it with you or check with the group operator if they have an arrangement for you.  Both magical places that are so worth the little trip.