Best food alternatives by beach

So I got a similar comment by a few Mykonos lovers about the afternoon happening places that I posted. “Great places, great fun, great design, great everything, but too expensive for eating there”. I get it. You might want to go just for drinks to any of them to control your Mykonos budget. I do it too sometimes. Now what help would I be if I did not have options for you? This is the point of talking (yes we are talking through the site) to the local (this is me, almost). To get the right tips, the cheats, what the tourists do not know. Trusted advice for getting the best at Mykonos. Because I have tried them all myself many times. So consider this an addendum to the previous post with more details. For those who want to eat at these establishments and for those who are looking for alternatives. Always in the neighborhood. Always the best food in Mykonos.

What should I get at Nammos?
I am not going to lie to you. I love their cuisine. Their fish is extraordinary. Personal favorite is the red snapper. Do not freak out if they bring the whole fish in front of you. Within seconds your model waiter will debone it and serve it for you with the right sauce. Both the pasta with the shrimps or the lobster are exquisite. My absolute favorite is the truffle risotto, a good remedy for a hangover. Any salad is a safe bet, I normally go for the ones with the arugula (they have a couple). And the taramasalata of course!!
What if I do not eat at Nammos, but close to it?
Cavo Psarou, next to Nammos, is a decent beach restaurant like the ones you will find at Super paradise, Paradise and the likes in Mykonos. They have the usual popular greek dishes (see burgers, chicken, souvlaki, vegetables mix in the oven, etc), my personal favorite is the schnitzel with French fries (once or max twice a month though) or something from the salad bar.

What should I get at Scorpios?
I have not eaten there often. A couple of times I had their lamp which was delicious. The foreigners in my party were also very pleased by the various meze (see Tzatziki, aubergine salad, tarama). I should go back and report accordingly. I do remember though that it was excessively expensive for those small portions.
What if I do not eat at Scorpios, but close to it?
OK I did not help much with Scorpios, but hey I will blow you away with the alternatives. I have two!
First is the new kid on the block called Sardelaki. It is summer and it calls for seafood and they have the best in Mykonos. If you like small fish, like sardines, then this your heaven. Finger licking good.
Nikolas Taverna at Paragka. It is a family business and this is how they will treat you. As greek as it gets. This is where you go for real greek food. Moussaka, lamp, greek salad, sardines, fried zucchini are just a few of my favorites.

What should I get at Principote?
Most of the time I get the burger with fries or a big fruit salad (I am a eating at the beach chair kind of girl). I have dined there a couple of times and I always had their black angus.
What if I do not eat at Principote, but close to it?
Easy one! Kiki’s at Agios Sostis. Hospitality at its best. An experience of its own. Vassilis has lots of very loyal fans so you always have to book. I go either for octopus-calamari-prawns or for a steak and fries or the baked potato.

What should I get at Alemagou?
If you go for steak, go for the T-bone. If you go for fish, go for the sea bass. And the fish carpaccio! I also like their shrimp risotto, but, guys, you have to add more shrimps! If you go for something less exciting, then their pizza will excite you for sure, as will their meatballs. Overall their food is good value for money, it does not disappoint even the toughest guests.
What if I do not eat at Alemagou, but close to it?
Very close to it tough, because Alemagou is a bit secluded. The closest would be Ftelia restaurant. Nektarios does a killing pizza and has a nice selection of reasonably priced Italian wines. I will confess that I often have desert here. You should too. 😉